Nobody expects the Oracle Inquisition !

Various sources mention the sudden layoff of the “Java Evangelists”. Oracle refuses to comment about it. The general perception seems that those people were solely marketeers; promoting the use of Java. Which shouldn’t come as a surprise as Java is pretty much an established brand now. Etc … For example: Well, I for one, […]

A page of Java history turned: JavaPosse quits

On the 13th of November, at Devoxx, the JavaPosse announced the end of their podcast. The announcement didn’t came as a total surprise however. The JavaPosse’s last live podcast dates from December 2013. So I guess we had it coming. But after spending almost 10 years doing it, I think they can’t be blamed for quitting either. […]

Scala pom.xml example


Each time when beginning a new Maven Scala project: What’s the pom.xml looking like again ?  Underneath is a simple example of a Scala project with the corresponding ScalaTest and scala-maven-plugin build plugin. I don’t know for the other IDE, but Intellij just needs the Scala plugin installed. Everything happens automagically once the pom.xml file changes to something comparable. […]