As one would guess, I wasn’t in the best of spirits when setting up this blog. Mainly because of weirdness at work and the Snowdon’s revelations aftermath. But then again, I always wanted to publish certain opinions about modern society. Modern ? Yeah, right …

Of course, I shouldn’t be surprised about state surveillance. But the unprecedented scale of it ! You don’t need anymore to do something suspicious in the real world to attract the attention. Tax payer’s money has been extensively used to make sure everyone gets the attention. With the agreement of the taxpayers I wonder ? Initially, I presume it’ wasn’t the case – they might actually refuse. The bitter-sweet irony is that after all this time, they don’t seem to care either. Where are the protesters ? Where are people protesting their liberty of expression have been messed with ? Anything in media ? Nope. So there we are: Public-sanctioned state surveillance, by omission. By sheer indifference. The tech-savvy people might protest. But the “consumer mass”, who vastly outnumbers everyone, doesn’t. Thank you for not caring !

It is a depressing thought the net has become a state-surveilled place. Where expressing your opinions might actually bring you in trouble. Like the good ‘ol days ha ?

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