Nobody expects the Oracle Inquisition !

Various sources mention the sudden layoff of the “Java Evangelists”.
Oracle refuses to comment about it. The general perception seems
that those people were solely marketeers; promoting the use of Java.
Which shouldn’t come as a surprise as Java is pretty much an
established brand now. Etc …

For example:

Well, I for one, I don’t agree with that. Not because I was using
Java for almost all my professional life. But rather because I
happen to know those people are definitely not
marketing-only !! They are among Java’s main developers. Without
them there would be no Java as we know it today. Hence the absurdity
to lay them off. If they would really be a bunch of marketeers, tell
me why two are already hired by Pivotal ?

It’s similarly absurd to pretend Java doesn’t need any promotion any
more – or any technology for that matter. Especially today – many
people actually believe programming with Java is as exiting as
programming in C. (It’s dead and slower than C, isn’t it ?) Which in
my opinion is crap. On all accounts. And that’s exactly why you need
people presenting Java at conferences. To get rid of the
preconceived stereotypes about Java. You can a lot worse than using
Java !

What about JavaOne ? I am really curious how Oracle is going to pull
that one off. Surely they won’t tell the evangelists suddenly all
had “a new challenge”, will they ? Speaking of bad marketing.

Judging the suddenness and the poor timing, I guess the guys stepped
on the wrong toes lately …

“Our chief weapon is surprise !” Nobody saw that one coming, indeed
! However, what concerns the fear and the ruthless efficiency, come
back later ! :-)

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