A page of Java history turned: JavaPosse quits

On the 13th of November, at Devoxx, the JavaPosse announced the end of their podcast. The announcement didn’t came as a total surprise however. The JavaPosse’s last live podcast dates from December 2013. So I guess we had it coming. But after spending almost 10 years doing it, I think they can’t be blamed for quitting either. Everybody wants a live ! :-)

Nonetheless … It would be lying to say I didn’t feel bad when I left room 5 at Devoxx. It’s one thing to suspect it. But it’s another entirely to have it confirmed by the very people ! I’ve been a listener from almost the first hour. And I’ve never missed the live, Atlassian beer-sponsored, shows at Devoxx. The podcast was for a long time my main source of Java news. (Usually while driving to work.) And it was very funny to listen to. Not to mention the perfect sound quality.

It’s also thanks to them I went to look for other JVM languages. Thanks Dick ! And thank you Carl for telling Dick about Scala. The result: It’s Scala-only for me now.  :-)

Finally – to me that is – the Posse has been a source of inspiration and encouragement to keep holding on to the profession. Because listening to them having such fun was proof it has to be possible to have fun doing this job. I’ll miss them not being around any more. Neither will Devoxx be the same any more I’m afraid … You guys will be sadly missed.

So, Dick, Carl, Tor, Joe and Chet : MANY thanks for all the time, work and dedication !!! And good luck to all of you !





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