Road Rage E314, Belgium

Just has an “interaction” with a particularly angry driver of a white lorry on the E314. I really have to be careful who I bother next time. Because if they’re all like that …

The sequence of events:

  1. On the left lane, a white lorry follows me very close. I presume he wants to pass me.
  2. Finally there’s a spot on the right lane. The van still is the only visible feature in the rear mirror.
  3. It gets even closer when I leave for the right lane. (Accelerates to encourage me to bugger off faster ?)
  4. Getting a bit nervous about how close he is, I touch my brakes – just enough to have the lights go. To get him back off. I Shouldn’t have done that…
  5. The van passes, overtakes and slams the brakes. So am I.
  6. The van slows to a crawl of 50kms. The driver presumable wants me to overtake him. I stay behind him – because it’s obvious he is mad at me.
  7. A queue of trucks is assembling behind us. One truck driver gets impatient and overtakes me. Its gets in between me and the van.
  8. We accelerate back to the usual 90kms of the right lane. But I don’t overtake the truck yet. Just in case the van is hiding behind the truck.
  9. And it does. Even worse: It leaves on the same exit I am about to take. I don’t take the exit, because this is getting pretty out of hand.
  10. The driver of the van sees it and gets back on the motorway in the very last moment. Presumably to try the same trick at the next exit. Now I’m getting scared !
  11. So I do the opposite: I take the exit on the very latest moment. Luckily he is too far to take the exit too.

really hope never to meet this guy again …

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