Devoxx Day 3 – too fast !!

I’d say until now the Devoxx 2013 is not a bad edition – apart from the speed and catering that is. The former gives an idea of the good quality of the talks. The latter because of the out of character low quality of the food. Yesterday’s tuna salad was *really* inedible. I’m not known for being a difficult person when eating. But this wasn’t tasty at all. Sorry Stephan.

Also, there’s a weird case of disappearance related the catering. Each evening, around six, somebody steals the big coffee bins. Beats me why somebody would be interested in those. For the scrap metal maybe ? :-) A cup of joe is very welcome when emerging from the evening sessions.

The subjects, however, are as usual impeccable. And for the first time since I’m going to the event… the wifi keeps working !!!! I’ve had a cut or two, but it was quickly fixed.

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